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Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science
The Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science programme consists of a written exam worth 75% and a practical project worth 25%. The main topics covered in the course include soil, grassland, potatoes, wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, sugar beet, sheep, pigs, dairy, beef & suckler farming, along with plant physiology, animal physiology, ecology and genetics.

The total mark for the exam is 400 marks, of which 100 marks is for the practical project. The practical project is assessed on a continuous basis and is comprised of the following elements;
- experiment write-ups (45 marks) which are completed in school and a few based on farm trip observations. These experiments are
grouped under the following headings; soil, plant, animal, microbiology, genetics and ecology.
- plant IDs and animal IDs (20 marks) which students research & document throughout fifth year.
- maps (10 marks) based on student's own farm or "adopted farm".
- two crops in detail (15 marks) based on student's own farm or "adopted farm".
- one livestock in detail (10 marks) student's own farm or "adopted farm".
- farm journal

The Agricultural Science students go on a number of trips throughout the two year programme to assist students in their projects, visiting local farms, participating in the AgriAware "Farm Walk & Talks" and going to the Ploughing Championships to enable the students to take their own photos & collect information on various aspects of farming, in particular specific livestock breeds that they wound not otherwise possibly have access to.

The Agricultural Science students also plant and harvest their own potatoes, barley, wheat and oats in the school garden, along with completing soil tests and familiarising themselves with the identification of various common Irish weeds relevant to the course. This hands-on experience is important not just for the practical project but also for the oral exam that students complete in early May of 6th Year where an external examiner comes in to interview students about their projects which are submitted in April of 6th Year to ensure they receive an appropriate mark.
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