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International Students




Proficiency in the language of instruction is a vital condition for educational success. The Language Support programme at MPPS endeavours to meet the language needs of EAL learners so that they can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient users of English. Students can access language support at CEFR levels A1 – C1. A placement test on arrival will indicate the level of proficiency of each student; support classes will then facilitate progression to higher levels.

EAL students are also encouraged and supported to maintain a dynamic connection to their own language and culture throughout their school life. We strive to create an intercultural learning environment in our school where diversity is valued, supported and affirmed.

In addition to language support, the programme is designed to help international students adjust smoothly to life in a new environment. We organise excursions to places of historical and cultural interest. We invite students to represent their home countries and languages on International Language & Culture Day. We also encourage students to build up their language skills by participating in debates, translation competitions and international projects.

The EAL coordinator Ms. H. English was the winner of The European Language Label Award 2018 winning in the category Embracing Cultural & Linguistic Diversity.


Congratulations to Anastasia Irinei, winner of International Student 2021


The highlight of the school year for international students is the annual Language & Culture Day. Students put great effort into preparing their displays, posters and presentations. All first-year students get the opportunity to meet the international students and learn about their diverse home languages and countries. They gain an insight into the rich and vibrant cultural and linguistic mosaic that characterises our school environment. Observing the different alphabets, sampling beginner lessons in many different languages is an inspiring experience for the Irish students.

International Language & Culture Day 2020 at MPPS was a great success. Students from many countries shared videos, posters, projects, beginner language lessons, and food dishes with students from each first-year class. It was a vibrant and colourful celebration of the language and cultural diversity at MEC.


2021 International Day of Languages & Cultures – Winner of best European Day of Languages eTwinning Competition

Project logo design by by Taha

Due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to hold our annual celebration of International Day in 2021 in school. However, we decided to move the celebration online by joining with schools all across Europe. We used the European Commission’s online platform for international cooperation called eTwinning.

To celebrate International Mother Languages Day 2021 our international students connected with students in 11 other schools in 7 different countries: Croatia, Spain, Italy Romania, Turkey, Czechia and Ireland. All together about 150 students participated in the project, 25 of whom were from our school. ETwinning allows school to build partnerships with schools all over Europe

We were delighted to be selected as national winners in the European Day of Languages 2021 eTwinning competition.


On 12 October 2021 our eTwinning project International Mother Language Day: Let’s Celebrate! was also awarded eTwinning Quality Label Award. We are very pleased to receive this recognition. The award citation:

Excellent Project. Very good use of Twinspace. All objectives clearly stated and met. Nice variety of activities. Excellent collaboration between teachers and students. Great work, well done!”


In 2017, the international coordinator at MPP Ms. Helen English set up a language club to support student engagement with their home languages.

The Home-in-Language club was a national winner of 2018 European Language Label Award. The competition is coordinated annually by the European Commission in Brussels and managed in Ireland by Léargas to encourage the development of innovative approaches to language teaching and learning across Europe.

Translating for Europe

Congratulations to 6th Year student Alba Doherty-Madrigal who was the Irish winner of the 2020 European Commission’s Young Translators for Europe competition. Alba translated from Spanish to English.

The judges praised Alba’s work: “Our warmest congratulations on winning the contest in your country. Yours was the best of many excellent entries! You have proved your very good foreign language skills, skilful mastery of your own language and ability to find creative solutions under severe time pressure. Navigating in challenging times – together we are stronger!” was the title of the texts that you translated. And indeed you managed to proficiently navigate amongst unexpected challenges and obstacles – and you won!”

The competition is organised annually to reward the best young translators in Europe. A restricted number of schools in each EU country is selected each year to participate in the competition. Ireland was represented by ten schools.

The contest took place online on 26 November, 9.00 – 11.00 (Irish time).

Students across all 27 EU countries worked on their chosen language combinations at the same time, on same day. .

Navigating in challenging times – together we are stronger!” was the title of the texts of the 2020 Juvenes Translatores contest.

6th Year student Greta Giardini received a Special Mention Diploma for her translation from Italian to English. She received high praise from the judge: “Our most sincere congratulations go to your student, Greta Giardini for her outstanding translation, for which we award a Juvenes Translatores special mention diploma

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