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Language Support Programme


Proficiency in the language of instruction is a vital condition for educational success. The Language Support programme at MPPS endeavours to meet the language needs of EAL learners so that they can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient users of English. Students can access language support at CEFR levels A1 – C1. A placement test on arrival will indicate the level of proficiency of each student; support classes will then facilitate progression to higher levels.

EAL students are also encouraged and supported to maintain a dynamic connection to their own language and culture throughout their school life. We strive to create an intercultural learning environment in our school where diversity is valued, supported and affirmed.

In addition to language support, the programme is designed to help international students adjust smoothly to life in a new environment. We organise excursions to places of historical and cultural interest. We invite students to represent their home countries and languages on International Language & Culture Day. We host an International Lunch event each year and invite special guests to attend. We also encourage students to build up their language skills by participating in debates, translation competitions and international projects.

The EAL coordinator Ms. H. English was the winner of The European Language Label Award 2018 winning in the category Embracing Cultural & Linguistic Diversity.


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