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Leaving Certificate English


The Leaving Certificate English course in Maynooth Post Primary provides students with a means in which to interact with, enjoy and critique a variety of written, aural and visual texts.

Students will, over the course of two years, engage with a number of poets, authors, playwrights, directors, free thinkers and theorists.

Students will interact with material and ideas they have previously not experienced. They will learn how to delve into new texts and explore their own understanding of the world and how to communicate this understanding.

Students will have the opportunity to express their own thoughts and ideas in creative ways and in doing so begin to elevate and develop their own language skills.

The two-year course culminates in the completion of English Papers 1 and 2 in the Leaving Certificate examination.

Paper 1 places an onus on the student to explore their ability to comprehend and respond in a deft and successful manner as well as the student’s ability to compose and express themselves creatively.

Paper 2 requires students to study set texts and develop the ability to explore the same in a well-expressed and cohesive manner. Students will engage with a single novel, a selection of poets and will then go on to work on comparing and contrasting a number of blended texts (drama, novel and film).

Why Study English?

English is a core subject for any student undertaking their Leaving Certificate Examinations.

English gives students the ability to express themselves, develop critical thinking skills and to become effective communicators.

The study of English is essential for every student, regardless of what their future plans may be. The skills that are forged and reinforced throughout the two-year course are endlessly beneficial.

Students with a particular interest in continuing to study English at college can look towards careers in the media, academia, education, journalism, creative writing, technical writing, archiving, review writing and more.

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