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Purpose of the PTA

The Parent Teacher Association, (PTA) of the Maynooth Education Campus (comprising Maynooth Post Primary School and Maynooth Community College/ Coláiste Pobail Mhá Nuad), serves as a communication interface between the parents and guardians of the attending pupils and the staff and functions of the school. The main purpose of the PTA is to help the MEC in the provision of the best, safest and healthiest possible learning environment for the attending students. The PTA exercises its function in accordance with the principals enshrined in its constitution.

The PTA Committee

The PTA Committee is comprised of two members of school staff, currently the Principals of MPPS and MCC, and parents/guardians who have kindly volunteered their time and their support towards the activities of the association. An executive Committee of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and their respective assistants, are elected into office at the AGM, which is held at the start of the school year. The PTA Committee attend at scheduled monthly meetings at the school during the school year – currently the second Tuesday of each month.

Activities of the Association


  • This is a very important function, which provides the association with the necessary funds to provide or engage in a variety of activities, which are not otherwise funded by school budgets or the board of education.
  • The main event each year is the Maynooth 10K which has run for 5 years now and this year introduced the 5k family event.
  • Voluntary Subscription scheme.


  • This is one of the rewarding duties for the members of the association where they decide on what to spend the welcome funds received as the result of the fundraising activities.
  • Examples of recent funding include computers for the Special Needs Class and the Careers department and contributing towards the cost of the school’s annual Musical.

Careers Sub-Committee

  • The Careers Sub Committee of the PTA is very active with two major events each school year.
  • The first being a careers evening in November attended by the senior cycle students and their parents. At this event the students sit down with volunteers from a diverse number of careers to hear first-hand about these areas of work and what they are about in practice.
  • The second event is the Mock Interviews for 5th and 6th year students where adult volunteers from different career groups interview students in a friendly relaxed setting based on the students prepared CV and give constructive feedback

Helping with school functions

  • There are several functions during the school year where PTA volunteers can help with the preparations, provide tea and refreshments and generally clean and tidy up the venue.
  • The Christmas Carol Concert and the Annual School Musical are highlights of the school year where it is a real “buzz” to lend a hand.

Voicing opinion on local issues

  • The PTA can voice considerable support or objection, as the case may require, towards local developments or activities that may impact on the learning environment of the school.


  • Activities that require more time and effort than is normally available at the regular meetings, are designated as projects and assigned a separate sub-committee.
  • The Uniform sub-committee of the PTA recently engaged a new uniform supplier following an in depth tender process and the new supplier Savvi Clothing has been a success.


Constitution of Maynooth Education Campus Parent Teacher Association

  1. Name:

This body shall be known as the Maynooth Education Campus Parent Teacher Association. (“the Association”)

  1. Objectives: -

The objectives of the Association shall be: -

  • To act as a channel of communication between parents/guardians and staff on matters of general interest to both.
  • To foster greater involvement and awareness by parents/guardians in the education of their children.
  • To represent the views of parents/guardians on matters of local educational significance.
  • To raise funds for the benefit of pupils in Maynooth Education Campus (“the campus”).
  1. Membership:
  • Membership shall comprise all parents or guardians of pupils currently attending the schools in the campus and shall be open to all members of the schools’ teaching staff.
  1. General Meetings:
  • An Annual General Meeting (“A.G. M”) shall be held early in the first term each year.
  • Two weeks’ notice of the date and venue of the A.G.M. shall be given to all members.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called on presentation to the Chairperson or Secretary of the Association a demand signed by at least 25 members. Two weeks’ notice of such a meeting shall be given to members of the Association.
  • With exception of alterations to the constitution (see Rule 7 below) decisions of General Meetings will require a simple majority of members present.
  1. Committee:
  • The officers of the Association shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer
  • The officers of the Association shall be elected by simple majority at the first meeting of the Association after the A.G.M each year.
  • The school teaching staff shall be invited to nominate two of their number to attend monthly meetings of the Association .
  • The Principals of the schools shall be ex-officio members of the Association but shall not be eligible for election as officers.
  • All officers will retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election.
  • The officers of the Association may serve as elected for a maximum tenure of three years.
  • The Association shall have the power to set up sub-committees as necessary.
  • The Association should meet at least once each month during the school terms.
  1. Finance:
  • The Association shall request an annual subscription from each family in the schools. The amount of this will be decided and approved by the Association in one of the monthly meetings.
  • The funds of the Association will be held in a bank account which will be kept in credit at all times with no facility for overdraft or loans. Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other officer.
  • Accounts shall be prepared annually for submission to the A.G.M.
  • All resources shall be used solely for the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.
  1. Alterations to Constitution:
  • This constitution, or any part of it, may be altered, amended or rescinded at either an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting by a vote in favour of the proposed change by more than two thirds of the members present.
  • Any proposal to alter, amend or rescind the constitution must be notified, in writing, to the members of the Association at least two weeks prior to the General Meeting.
  1. Public Statements
  • No member of the Association other than the Chairperson or member nominated by either the Chairperson or the Officers shall make any official or public statement or representation on behalf of the Association.
  1. Recognition of role of School Authorities in certain matters
  • The Association in discharging its functions recognises that the examination and resolution of problems relating to individual pupils or parents will be for determination between the individual pupil and/or his parents/guardians and the School Authorities.
  • The Association also recognises that matters concerning the Schools’ curriculum and its implementation are a function of the School Authorities
  1. Yearly Reporting
  • The Association shall present a report of its activities during the preceding year including a financial statement to the A.G.M.
  1. Winding Up
  • Winding up of the Association shall only be valid if accepted at a General Meeting convened for this purpose.

Amendment History
Constitution Version 1 Initial Release
Amended at 1996 AGM (Version 2)
Amended at 2002 AGM (Version 3)
Amended at 2006 AGM (Version 4 Inclusion of clause 5g)
Amended at 2016 AGM to MEC PTA Constitution (Version 5)

Version 5 of the MEC PTA Constitution



Parent Teacher Association

Chairperson Una Phillips

Assistant Chairperson Bronwyn Evans

Secretary Laura Delaney

Assistant Secretary Amanda Bradon

Treasurer Michelle Hever

Assistant Treasurer TBA

Teacher Representatives
Johnny Nevin Principal MPPS
Siobhán McCauley Principal MCC


Telephone: 087 432 9107


Twitter: @MECParents

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