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Charity Fundraising

Charity Fundraising

MPP is involved in various Charity fundraising events each year. Some of the many fundraisers we were involved in last year are detailed below.

Belarous Childrens Orphanage

Ber Carley (SNA), Cillian Melia (5th Year) and Lucy Kouzanetsova (6th Year) spent one week last summer in Belarus. They worked in a team led by a past pupil of MPPS helping in a special needs camp, painting in a juvenile detention centre and painting equipment in a baby home. Fundraising was carried out throughout the school year in MEC and externally to make the trip possible! Thanks again for all your support!

4D Charity Endeavour

Class 4D in Transition Year took on the task of helping the homeless in Ireland. In late October, we decided to hold a clothes and food drive. We emailed two charities; “The Lighthouse Centre” and “The Capuchin Centre”. We asked each charity what donations they would like to receive. The charities replied by saying they would like to receive various items of clothing, such as hats, scarves, gloves and packs of socks. They also asked for food such as tins of peas and beans, chocolate and boxes of tea bags. 4D got straight to work creating posters with this information and hanging them up around the school. We also went around the school and informed each class of the food and clothes drive. We told them what donations they would like. The class also went around to every tutor class at 8.50 a.m. and asked if anyone had donations. These collections ended on Tuesday 22nd November. 4D then organised all the donations into categories of what each charity wanted and packed them into back packs and suitcases.

We went into Dublin with our donations, to spend the day out in the cold as a homeless person would and to deliver the donations to the worthy charities.


“Our trips to both the Capuchin Centre and the Lighthouse Centre were equally eye-opening. It showed me that no matter how hard or difficult I think my life may be a certain day, for some people this is how they live all year round.”

“The trip was eye opening and enlightening as I realised that there are people in far worse situations than I am in and often we forget about how lucky we are and take things for granted that mean a lot to other people.”

“Some of the stories that we were told shocked me but it made me feel a lot better to see all of the donations piled high on the tables.”

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